Gnosis Malleus

Penetrating black eyes set in pallid flesh enveloped in ox-blood robes.


Usually completely encloaked in oxblood robes and cloak. However, when combat breaks out, Gnosis unshoulders his cloak and fights bare torso revealing an apparatus attached to the back of his skull. Another apparatus runs from his mouth to belt and a skull with tubes running to his belt. The skulls eyes glow menacingly. This decapitated skull serves as his belt buckle.


Birth & Childhood
My master told me I was born in the Prime City of Cauldron to a retired adventuring couple whom had stumbled upon a crystal artifact in their travels. After decades of searching and failing to negotiate its purchase, he slew them. I wandered down the stairs as a toddler, witnessing their demise. My Master generously decided to take me as his property and trained me to be useful to him.

Grueling studies and discipline marked my childhood. My master spoke often of our goals and enemies. I was required to learn, to assist him in many ways. My studies were extensive and diverse. After displaying aptitude and promise, my master formalized my training and I began accompanying him on his travels across the planes.

My Master was an accomplished psion of terrifying power. My training was intended to be focused on combat forms only. But listless, and ever observant, I carefully practiced and developed powers outside My Master’s teachings. It was during these early formative years My Master introduced me to the Elan Order of the Mind War – Ordinis Mentis Bellum. Which I was welcomed into.

Early Adventures
As My Master gained faith in my capabilities and instincts, seemingly unaware, they were rapidly expanding outside his direct influence nurtured by my rising ambitions. I was given ever more autonomy. In my 20th year, under My Master’s stern gaze, he was ambushed by an Illithid raiding party. Having slayed half a dozen or so already, he was overcome by a single abomination. An illithid of pure martial might, resistant to my Master’s psionic arsenal. When I arrived, the beast was in middle of feeding on his severed head. Enraged i butchered the beast in an engagement that left me wounded and alone. I remained at my Master’s sanctuary, studied his work and taking his goals & ambitions as my own.

After avenging my master, I returned to the Astral Plane to seek out my Order and update them on the loss of My Master. After several weeks I reached our stronghold, and discovered many of our Order had fallen at the precise same time as my Master. It seems our dreaded enemies had been planning a concerted attack for some time and with our numbers usually spread across the breadth of the planes, they had focused on those sanctuaries with few of us present, and overwhelmed us with superior numbers.

Due to this a decree was issued that we would establish bastions across the planes and gather in greater numbers. That as our members cultivated their strength, our lesser members would serve under them. Thus, minimizing such atrocities in the future. We developed methods to reach out to our brothers and sisters, to make them aware when a new sanctuary was being erected. “The Calling” is a psychic beacon; only members of our psychic order can discern, yet powerful enough to resonate across the planes.

In the decade since my Master’s fall, I have traveled the Great Ring and met many of my Order. We have carefully plotted our path and made certain we would have the skills and strength necessary to not only defend against the illithid threat, but to wage war upon them.

We carefully gather intel across the planes, including the prime, noting significant events and looking for those that could join our Order or aid it in some way. Brother Herodotus came to me a few months ago detailing the unexpected rise of a prime to planer status. After observing events unfolding, we have concluded this “Victor” to be surrounded by death but equally so by a rising tide of power. We believe he may be useful to us if we can keep him alive long enough to succeed at his goals. I am going to personally see what he is made of.

Gnosis Malleus

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