A slightly bearded face and green eyes evaluate you from under the hooded cloak as you speak.


Garrion is a human man in his mid-20’s with dark hair and green eyes that always seem to be scanning his environment. He wears dark leather with a dark, motled, hooded cloak and is always armed with dual short swords under the cloak and a knife descreetly tucked into his boot. He has a shortbow and quiver of arrows strapped across his back when heading out on a mission.


Garrion has a shady past but has been enlightened. He uses this special combination to great effectiveness and can seem a bit cocky at times – this can turn people off a bit but is still pretty well liked. He is not particularly strong so he has tuned his nimble reflexes, combined with with mind, into a fine instrument. Elerad instilled in him a desire to seek out knowledge, truth, and mastery. He merges the development of his old skills with his new abilities and has joined with local adventurers to pursue greater enlightenment and the betterment of his people.

It is possible that he still has contacts from his previous life, but he has been gone for ten years and it is likely that they think him dead – since he never returned from his last assignment.


The Shackled City Garrion