Garrett “Grin” Quietfoot

With a smile that reaches his eyes and always quick with a grin this small halfling walks up to you like he is your best friend.


Garrett Quietfoot is a male Halfling in his late twenties, with blonde-red hair, and dark green eyes. He stands out in as many ways as possible, from his dark red cloths to his wide brimmed hat complete with a pink feather. He carries two flintlock double-barreled pistols, and a rapier on his hip. He wares no armor that can be seen and when his multi-colored cape flows out behind him he has what appears to be a small shrunken head tied around the top of his belt pouch. Strung across his chest like a bandoleer are a assortment of mask, some complete others just the bare beginnings.


Abandoned at a young age Garrett was found outside the tavern “The Lucky Spoon” by the owners wife. He was taken in and raised as one of their own along with three other orphans that the owners had “rescued” in their travels. Garrett grew up with his “brothers” Landon Griver, Colten Foxflower, and Jude Lambcloud. The four brothers a halfling, a human, a half-orc, and a dwarf made a strange group but became inseparable as the years went by. Garrett loved the traveling acts that would come to the city to put on plays, he would drag his brothers along every time one would come to town. When they didn’t have the money to attend the plays the four boys would sneak into them using the rooftops or sewers, more often than not they would come home and their mother would make them sleep in the stables. As the years went by the boys found callings of their own and began life outside of the tavern, with promises to keep their adoptive parents up to date on their lives from time to time. Garrett still had no calling of his own so he stayed at the tavern and began putting his abilities of getting into hard to reach places to use by hiring his self out to be a look out for local burglars. One night while on look out the man that went into the house had more intentions than to just clean the place out and murdered family in their sleep. Garrett having witnessed this ran and alerted the guards. By the time the guards arrived the man was gone and Garrett began to get the feeling it was time to get scares. The next night with a note to his mother he skipped town with the traveling performers, now a year later the show has come back to Cauldron and Garrett has come back as well.

Garrett “Grin” Quietfoot

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