The Shackled City

The Wailing Tome 11-17-2012

Demon Scar part 2

Ever onward we continue, The lattice filled room was followed by many more stassis chambers. This place has seen better days indeed. Many of the hallways have completely collapsed, I am amzed what a bit of Will could do in this place. Garrion has uncovered a great deal working in conjunction with Garret. Garrion has been with the Brotherhood from the beginning, but he seems to be a bit of a mystery he comes and goes when needed, and after meeting i can see his talents would be in high demand. he flits about dangerous obstacles with a supernatural ease.

It seems there are several rooms filled with common prime races covered in etched runes. Once again a mystery we need to explore when we have time to not look over our shoulders. there is another door down the hall we are going to investigate.

The Golems breath barely phased this stalwart band. Such a magnificent construct felled in barely over a score of seconds. I am beginning to understand why planning was not this groups strong point. they have become acclimated to literally destroying anything that stands in their way the moment they become aware of it as a threat. I hope such recklessness is not contagious.

Beneath the golems feet was a hole dropping 20’ to a chamber below. a four way split shortly thereafter and garret quickly scouted the first room. nothing but an empty room no need to dodge through more lattices unnecessarily, the next room opens into a large chamber filled with lattices and a diplomat of Carceri… Demonic in heritage and temperment. Again the party explodes into action the lattices coupled with small opening making it exceedingly difficult for us to all join the fray. Luckily the creature was dispatched with minimal injuries to our party.

This place concerns me, from what little we have ciphered of the script of the spell weavers, this was a giant lab and experiment in the study of death and cold. There can be no question to the depths the Spell weavers were willing to explore in order to attain their incredible might. the fact this place withstood the cataclysm of their fall and retains it pulsing power breaths credit to their explorations and studies. the knowledge contained herein has been lost for eons. much could be learned from this place tho most would not be usable, but perhaps a piece of it could aid in defeating our enemies or atleast in preparing us against their machinations.

Through the door at the rear of the chamber and another four way split. we procede tot he right and before we can enter the chamber we are best by a monsterous bone serpent and its Barbaric Orcish companion. tendrils spring from the very ground at our feet wrapping themselves around us. I quickly dispel the tendrils and foldspace to the very back of the chamber. The tendril reappear as the Orcish Brute lays into me. Victor and Argyle are focused on the Bone Naga, Fen is struggling to get free of its wretched spells. The Orcish brute falls at the same time as the Naga leaving us in a chamber with a five foot walkway viewing 60’ pillars of seeming flesh with face of tormented souls inside. I am weakened and exhausted i need to meditate…. and these pillars radiat incredibly powerful magic. we must discern their use and meaning.



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