The Shackled City

Of Demons and Scars 11-10-2012

Demon Scar

While awaiting the Over-sized gnome to regain consciousness i meditated. I recalled something my master once told me of Clueless primes. He said virtually everyone was familiar with struggles between good and evil. the celestials and fiends are nourished by their followers so they tend to make direct bargains with their petitioners and proxies. Many were also aware of the Blood war, the devils and demons struggle for the right to crush the celestial powers. At this he chuckled, stating that should the Devils fail to hold off the countless billions of tanari for even a brief period they would over-run every plane and pour throughout the prime. You see it is not common knowledge that the Celestials actively bargain with the Devils. The Devils seek power and Dominion and are willing and able to keep and negotiate bargains to maintain the Balance of Power. The Tanari know only destruction, raw carnal savage yet cunning. Many he said believe this to be the central Power struggle of the planes. But the children of Gith know the Dark of the real threat. That of the all-consuming Ilsensine. The god of the Illithid is alien to all powers and to the planes themselves. The Illithid are not simply Devilish in their ambition to have dominion over all sentient Life. They have the Tanari’s ruthlessness and what few Berks realize is They have the Numbers of them too, coupled with the heirarchy and discipline of the Baatzu. The Illithid threat is like the a war between the cow and the farmer. The farmer cares little for what the cow ponders or considers important. He cultivates grounds in which the cow will grow fat and then he feeds. The Gith were the first to realize their role as cattle. and even after unshakling themselves their great race was sundered by what to do next. ahh he is waking…

The gnome seems a bit unnerved by me, based upon my observations in cauldron i am not dressed to fit in very well. He has offered to lead me to the Brotherhoods base in Jzadirune. After plane shifting back to the prime coupled with a teleport in middle of the base apparently in middle of the main common area the Leaders of the Brotherhood were quickly assembled to greet us. I was terse with Victor regarding his tactics in dealing with the Orc encampment and pointed out the increased number of casualties with even a minimal amount of planning. He proved to more than untempered emotional impulse by not attempting to slay me outright for my disrespectful attitude. I believe his relative Argyle i believe his name is was on the border of outright slaying me on spot. He was the catbeast i had previously mentioned. He follows a discipline called summoner i am unfamiliar with. Ah and of Fenigren the Gnome of unusual size who is a bardic Sorcerror that i insured recovered safely stepped in when things got a bit hot. He has earned my respect for doing so. Garret a cutter of many talents seemed taken aback by my statements of ill preparedness and diligently defended his stronghold advising it was still under construction and i should temper my words with patience and not make assumptions. This fellow is cunning and quite resourceful.

So after brief introductions we concluded that a plan of some sort was necessary to proceed with any hope of success. We decided a Four-fold path would be utilized taking advantage of all our assets and resources.

1. We would continue to harrass the Orcs to keep their resources tied up and show the populace that their grip on the city was not absolute.

2. We would seek out the ruins of Karran-Kural located in the Demon Scar. A fiend the Brotherhood and previously put down here was involved in the plots against cauldron and therefore against the Brotherhoods interest.

3. The Orc encampment is receiving continous reinforcements and supplies from outside the cities broders. we will allocate resources to capture or destroy those supply lines to weaken our enemies and cultivate a loss of morale in trying to fight an unseen enemy.

4. Garrets Information Netowrk throughout the city would attempt to learn any information regarding “the Blue Duke” a character in these events of unknown origin or importance but the only possible lead we have other than the demon scar.

We decide to delay the next Orc camp invasion in order to investigate the Ruins in the Demon Scar. Fen teleports a few miles from the destination and even provides us mounts for the short ride to the opening. We quickly notice a severe temperature change, this place exudes an entropic chilling that cuts one to the bone. Fen tries to procur us winter vestments but being midsummer the shop have no stock. It appears we will have to proceed without being properly prepared for what is to come. I hate poor planning…

So of course a pool of arctic waters must be swam through and we surface in a cave filled with massive walls of ice. a breif fire is used to dry our clothing to keep us from freezing outright but the chill is to constantly contend for our attention.

We proceed down a halway coming to some massive doors, after Garret easily opens them up we see a halway filled with some sort of stassis chambers filled with spellweavers… note i didnt say corpses because they seem to twitch and fight only to return to their state of eternal rest. after a brief inspection we decide to refocus on the rest of the facility and come back to such wonders after we are certain death is calculating our demise around the corner.Of course the very next door introduces us to very upset demon with an annoying array of lattices around the room the put the chill of death right into you. The party converged on the demon in a talented display of might dispatching it in mere seconds.

I must admit a fondness for the place, a creeping sensation it will have my attention whether i desire it or not.



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