The Shackled City

Laughing Last 12-8-2012

An unexpected nap

After a Few hours rest from the 2nd Orc Encampment assault Garret had made contact with a group the brotherhood of blades had previously worked with. It appears one of the had been captured by the Last Laugh thieves guild and was likely being tortured for information that could point back to Brotherhood of blades. So we needed to both rescue this half-elven lad and discipline the Last Laugh for interfering in Brotherhood affairs.

We received intelligence as to the location of the safe house where our friend was being interrogated and quickly headed over to a boarded up building that once served as an Inn. Myself and Garrion were discussing our strategy on the only facing of the building that did not have windows to the outside when we heard the thunderous crash of Victor boldly kicking in the front door of the place. So much for subtlety and surprise. Victor proceeded to lance some poor berk through an arrow slit while garret decided to explore the effects of filling an enclosed area with flames. Gregor decided to demonstrate his pinpoint accuracy by utilizing the arrow slits the would be assassins were using as a guide to puncture their eyes.

With Garret, Victor and Gregor manning the front entry way i simply disintegrated the wall without windows, bowing and motioning Garrion a path into the lions den. Garrion grins and following Garrets entrance breathes forth a cone of flames into our ambushers backsides… It should be noted these flames also uncovered some peculiar small rooms filled with upended short swords via burning away the drapes that were otherwise concealing them.

We continued hearing commotion from the front entry way as more rogues expired in similarly horrific fashion, i also believe i heard the sound of unified crossbow fire… possibly a triggered trap. Our enemies had moved to block Garrion and My entry into the building. Garrion unleashed a serpent of flame that crawled and scorched each of the remaining ambushers in the room we had unveiled. I moved up and dropped the last one barring our entry into the room with a quick thrust of one my blades.

Garret reports more room and drapes and verified5 heavy crossbows were merged into a rather distracting door trigger, Victor thinking boldly decides to begin exploring the second floor but has difficulty penetrating the thoroughly braced joists. As Garrion moves to finish off the rooms remain operatives i dash up tot he second floor in order to try and maintain our surprise only to meet 4 more rogues and 2 monkish assassins at the top of the landing. I am greeted by a torrent of attacks including attempts to immobilize me that i respond to by striking one of the monkish assassins. Gregor moves to reposition himself to our-side of the building.

The floor ripples and trembles as some sort of severe commotion continues in the front entry way, Garret flies up to the second floor windows directly above the now shattered front door and bursts through the smoked glass firing his pistols as he does so. Garrion Having finished off the rogues below joins me on the stairs and drops one of the monks leaving one monk and 4 rogues for me to deal with. I decide to focus on the Rogues first and after a swirling dance of my blades only two are left standing one being severely injured. The monk steps back from the landing and tosses a shuriken that is laced with some sort of horrific toxin that saps the strength from me, i am severely weakened but my resolve doesn’t waiver.

A third and final shaking of the building, i hear Joists creaking its like a quake centered on the landing, something massive must be battling Victor in the Foyer. Victor relays he is now penetrated the second story and their is an Arcanist in the rafters. Garret is dealing with several rogues in the same area as Victor. Gregor drops the two remaining rogues at the top of the landing clearing a path for me to step through a doorway to the east of the room, i step through and see a small walled in room. Garrion moves and dispatches the final monkish assassin. I mentally communicate to Gregor to try the southeastern doorway believing it will connect with the area Victor and Garret are engaged with the Rogues and Arcanist. He steps into a small room completely walled in and falls through a floor trap onto the upturned short swords below.

Victor shouts for the Arcanist to surrender followed by skewering and slamming him against a wall, i hear another shot and gurgling from the last of the rogues. Victor reports the Arcanist has disappeared, I trace his travel to a space in-between the walls that has no doorway access and convey that to my comrades. Garrion moves into position facing the wall separating us from our foes and the half-elf we are planning to rescue.

Victor and Garret penetrate the room at the same time witnessing our contact getting his throat slit. The female assassin disappears as does the Arcanist. I accelerate time sundering my mind, when time returns to its normal progression i disintegrate a 10’ section of wall preparing to attack yet no foes are obvious, in the fury of the moment i realize they are utilizing obscuring powers and decide to invoke an area dispelling…

It seems the Area dispelling was a bit overly effective. Garrets bags of holding start spewing forth their contents and most of the parties gear becomes temporarily inert. The Arcanist does become visible but the unintended consequences are quit obvious indeed.

The Arcanist is met with a Disintegration collapsing into a pile of loot and dust the assassins remains hidden. The sum of us are all trying to locate him when suddenly i detect hostility behind me as a poisoned blade slips into my left kidney… the poison i easily ignore the fact i have a blade through my kidney i do not…

I awaken to a grinning Garret the corpse of an assassin who compromised her position to slay me and a thoroughly dead half-elf. I try and bend reality to revive the elf to no avail, it is at his time Gregor steps forward and informs us this body has been in the dead-book for over 10 minutes. It appears we were too late before we started. Ambush accurately describes this scenario.

It appears we will have to deal with the Last Laugh as well as our other enemies. We simply can not allow our allies to be picked off while we wage war. Besides Garret could monopolize on its eradication, Thus benefiting us all.



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