The Shackled City

From Cauldron to Crucible

I find myself amused with my own failures…
I have made preparations to preserve my immortal existence with layers of defenses.
I have cloned my flesh, seed my soul to the astral plane, performed rituals to insure my body remains ageless and undying, I have even crafted my own plane of existence in which none my enter without my permission.

Yet here I dwell… darkness… solitude… trapped in my own mind while the vile witch Embril utilizes my body as a puppet and threatens all I have worked so dearly to achieve. This alliance and it inconveniences continue to surprise me regardless of my preparations. It is obvious I still have much to learn to achieve my goals.

Embril has been lazy, she treats my mind as if it is some plebian wretch to be cast aside and suppressed without effort or concern. Her arrogance and desperation has opened a conduit to her own thoughts. Surface emotions are crystal clear but I will need to be cautious to delve further.

I have learned much over the past few hours. The cagewrights goals are to release adamarcus. Adamarcus a fallen celestial the reigned over ocipitus and whom Viktor is a potential heir. The invasion from carceri was just a sideline to this goal of freeing Adamarcus to restore him as ruler of ocipitus.

Interesting indeed, I have learned how the details of Adamarcus imprisonment. It seems after the fall of ocipitus while Adamarcus reigned over it in the abyss a female paladin decided to wage a personal crusade against the abyss. Adamarcus was amused by her arrogance pride and dedication and so kept her as a source of amusement. He tried to corrupt her yet she endured his compulsion with an enwavering faith. She even sought to bring him back to celestial grace. This evidently ingratiated Adamarcus to the point he fell in love with her. Grazzt evidently captured the paladin and was delighting in torturing her with the intent of slaying her. Adamarcus abandoned his own domain and went to grazzt and plead for her release. Grazzt offered to release her to her own will, back to the prime or wherever she desired if Adamarcus willingly got inside a cage in exchange for her freedom. Adamarcus relented as he entered and the cage door locked behind him grazzt laughed heartily as the paladin transformed into one of his succubus minions. Adamarcus had been betrayed, thus setting events in motion that would lead to the blades forming in cauldron.

Embril is panicking, since we destroyed the cagewrights plans she now intends to sell my soul to a planar power receive a key to unlocking Adamarcus cage. The fool is not even bothering to be assured….

Once the mind-link with Shagaroth and Herodotus is severed Herodotus immediately starts scrying for the presence of his master body. finding it relatively quickly he dispatches Shagaroth to inform the blades that something indeed has transpired and that recovery should begin immediately.

Shagoroth and the Blades traveled to Carceri uncovering a horrific site. Gnosis body being torn asunder by hundreds of Demons in a valley that contained thousands of the fell creatures. With his body destroyed resurrection remained the course for recovering my master.

I don’t know how long I have been here…

I don’t know if my allies still live…

I don’t know if I will ever escape…


My flesh has been flayed from my bones ten thousand hundred times…
My skin has been singed and charred until it has fallen away ashen flakes…
My limbs have been removed inch by inch…

Endless agony…

My sense of time is measured in the alterations in the administration of new tortures…
How long can this continue…
How long can I endure…

Searing… Burning… Light.

I snap back to reality… the prime… my allies surround me.

It seems what was decades to me was a single day to everyone else. I must press on. I want to meditate for days to coordinate my thoughts yet we simply do not have time. Embril and her Cagewrights will persist if we do not see this thing through to the end.

After a quick discourse we decide to go to a bazar on carceri to try and find the location of Skullrot. The prison holding Adamarcus.

We decide to bring along several of our resources due to not knowing what we may run in to. The Obsidian Tower will be our means of transport across the planes and our means of respite when required.

Arriving at the Bizar we start looking for leads and after a few hours find someone of potential. Garret and Viktor quickly gain access to a map with the information we need however the seller of the information peaked Viktors curiosity when he mentioned how desperately he wished to depart. Viktor offered him passage away for 50k turning to me with the expectation of me providing it. He offered up the money immediately and I dispatched him to the a particularly nasty section of the abyss. I felt obligated to both fulfill the agreement Viktor created but also wanted to make sure that the gentleman we were freeing from carceri wouldn’t necessarily enjoy his time pursuing his freedom. I sent him deeper into the Abyss. For our troubles I purchased a cloak. having lost all my possessions it is comforting to have something to increase my resilience.

Having Acquired the map we immediately set forth for Skullrot, fabled prison of carceri.
Carceri is a spoiled desolate plane that is an endless prison. the refuse and the damned are sentenced here to live with one another for all eternity, or until they slay each other. Actual prisons are scarce but those that do exist are for the truly dangerous of the planes. the unchainable entities whose power or resources terrify even those who rule the planes. Skullrot is one such prison, what we can expect there will be nothing less the capabilities to chain a god.

As we come into view of the tower we greeted by a horrific scene. The valley surrounding the Perfect white tower of bleached bone made of countless skulls is surrounded by tens of thousands of desiccated demon corpses. gigantic hippopotamus like creatures grazing on the remains. A creature of unimaginable scale nearly 200’ tall at the shoulders. We cautiously navigated the tower around and above the fetid fields and gargantuan creature and docked with Skullrot.

As we entered the frontgate demons were amassed in the front hall. Viktor offered to let them flee and keep their lives as he walked amongst them. Two of them assaulted him to which he slew one of them outright. I summoned an astral construct who lifted another by his skull and crushed in between his hands. Garrion and Garret took positions on either side of the door. the remaining half dozen or so demons attempted to flee from the room. the swirling blades created a pile of body parts waste high when all was said and done. I have never witnessed such massive carnage so efficiently and swiftly accomplished. another squad of demons appeared at the doorway to the main central chamber. the leader released noxious acidic fumes. Viktor Garrion and Garret along with joking jack dispatched them in moments. leading us to the base of the several hundred feet high towers inner sanctum.

We decided that a floor by floor approach would likely depleted our strength and elected to fgly all the way up to the top most tier. upon breeching the upper most level we observed an angelic being caged over the ascent we just arrived from and a withered husk of a mage accompanied by a monstrous construct of demonic flesh.

We lashed out in impressive form and were stunned by the resiliency of our adversaries. after weathering the storm of blows and blades we unleashed the counter was the lich rising up and wailing a soul draining scream that nearly slew both Viktor and Shagaroth and destroyed my Construct without pause. The construct slammed into Viktor bringing him to the brink of death. At last we marshaled ourselves for a second wave of assaults combined with me focusing an affinity field and regenerating Viktor and Shagaroth Flesh while they dived into the Fray. The Lich demonic construct minion was the first to fall with the lich soon there after. then we surrounded the caged Adamarcus.

Viktor wielding the scythe of the fallen liche cleaved the cage and Adamarcus fell… only to rise again wreathed in power with a clawed gauntlet and lethal whip summoning forth a marilith demon to aid in his fight against us. We launched forth our attacks in unison hitting our marks with lethal blows yet he shrugged of our attacks as if we were mere gnats annoying a great beast. garret and joking jack attempted to occupy the marilith but jack was grappled constricted and slain almost instantly. Adamarcus annihilated a Construct i summoned forth with a mere thought and simultaneously tripped me Viktor and Shagaroth. Shagaroth moved away from Adamarcus reforming his blade into one of pure energy. I did the same while also blasting Adamarcus with a crystal spray while Viktor maneuvered to flank the marilith lashing out while still prone. Garret furious at the loss of his loyal companion unleashed w whirl of blades that flayed the marilith alive. we all renewed our attacks against Adamarcus and sundered his form, only to watch it rise again having shed his angelic form and revealing his demonic nature. Adamarcus called out to Viktor that if he were to slay Garret they could rule ociptus together. Viktor responded to Admarcus parley with a counter-offer. Leave the prime material plane and cauldron alone forever and spare his companions and he would accept Admarcus bargain. While Adamarcus was considering the terms we unleashed a torrent of blades and psionic might against him. In a display of acrobatic mastery Adamarcus somersaulted throughout the party landing next to Viktor and simply stated “agreed” and they plane shifted away.

Garret and I pondered what our next move was. It only took a s moment to decide to persue the fleeing Adamarcus. I mental told Herodotus to follow us to Ocipitus and to Viktor as i plane shifted Shagaroth Garret and I to Ocipitus then teleported without error to their presence. In the moments it took us to follow them Viktor had advised Adamarcus that we would not be easily swayed from our course and that he had vowed to me to aid me in my rise after claiming Ocipitus as his own. By the time we arrived Adamarcus offered to sponsor my abitions in Viktors stead thus fulfilling the terms of our agreement.

Dealing with demons is a distasteful business. so I only choose to agree to the terms by means of a true name oathbond. Should any of us break the bond we will be powerless against the vengeance seeker. and with words not blades Cauldron and the Prime Material plane was evermore free of Adamarcus intentions. Viktor became a general of a Demon Prince and i had yet another ally in the war against the Overmind.

We expect Garret and Dominique will find it acceptable. as neither my nor Viktor goals coincide with the material plane or Cauldron it makes sense to leave the city to those most interested in it. I will maintain Karan Kural as a research center while i expand my planar fortress.

It feels good to set down roots.


Great adventure log! Hopefully there will be more of this to come in the Skulls and Shackles campaign.

From Cauldron to Crucible

Very good log from Gnosis.

From Cauldron to Crucible

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