The Shackled City

Changing Out the Guard 12-1-2012


After contacting Herodotus he quickly rounded up a few dozen of our orders disciples and began working on Shadow-Pane outside of Karran-Kural. The Tower is being built first with the Docking tower second followed by the walls and recesses of the dungeon coming later. this should insure that safety as well as patience is properly applied to our continued explorations of its mysteries.

Amusingly a few days after Herodotus and i began working on our floor-plans our gate squad reported some rather unexpected visitors. A score of Orcish brutes that defected from the guard have sworn themselves to my service and sealed their oaths with details on the Orc encampment. we know know precisely where to strike to maximize damage to the Orcs and their leadership.

We are advancing plans to strike the Orc encampment on the morning followed by meeting with an old contact of the Brotherhood of Blades.

The Orc Encampment has 3 primary armory Sites where munitions armor and weapons are stored and created. We also have the tents of 4 lieutenants we intend on eliminating to further spread discontent and doubt amongst our foes. Garret will strike at the Lieutenants as i take out the armories. Victor Argyle and Gregor will insure the parameter of the Encampment is constantly being reinforced to keep myself and garret from getting bogged down at our objectives.

We flow to our first objectives virtually unchallenged, however en-route to our second we meet considerably better organized and concentrated defenses. The gnomes are careful not to group together too much and are laying down a considerable wall of anti-magical defenses in order to try and halt our advances.

Dozens have died at the parameter, our brothers do themselves justice as they keep as much aggression as possible tied to themselves while we focus on our objectives. Second armory and second lieutenant are eliminated at approximately the same time. Garret moves swiftly through the camp while maintaining amazing prowess of stealth. My flight direct ground-based approach is starting to catch up with me. I am trying to be careful to minimize the talents i show my enemies to delay their continued evolving tactics against us but my bag is getting shallow indeed. Garret reports he is approaching the 4th lieutenant tent as i just detonate the final armory. I am having to maintain a concussive onslaught of force against 60’ areas guiding it back and forth across my path to deal with the seemingly unending flow of gnomish wand wielding fearless guard.

I am almost to the 4th tent and something is very very wrong… Garret has ceased advising of his progress. I burst through the tent and see him collapsed at the feet of a vile Orcish brute. The beast roars as unleashes a torrent of blows against me. Only a few penetrate my focused defenses but the danger of this adversary is obvious. I summon forth a considerable reserve of my strength in order to insure my attacks do not get easily shrugged off by this Fell beast. Strike after Strike i unleash against him as he deflects the first two my third finds purchase in his armpit sliding between plates and severing chain-links. His recovery is amazing as i attempt to land my fourth blow he dislodges himself from my third strike while simultaneously smashing my fourth strike to the ground with a mailed boot grinning ruthlessly. I return his grin with a subtle smile as i release the grips on my blades dissolving them into the aether and he stumbles slightly forward, my repositioned hands catch him in a wet embrace as he looks down at my newly formed blades each slide at an angle penetrating the lower seam of his chest plate.

His blood is quickly pooling and i hear alarms and calls rising all around me, i grab the lieutenant and shove him into garrets larger bag of holding and then gripping garret tightly i sweep off the ground flying low to minimize the volume of incoming magic missiles and crossbow bolts. I advise the Blades that we need to extricate ourselves immediately. I land in their midst as Argyle is fumbling with a gnome stuck to a paw, Victor has gnomish wands sticking out of his belt and as Argyle casts a teleport returning us to Jazaderune Gregor insures 5 of the Orcs watching us depart never see another thing again.

We quickly work to revive our fallen companion. Upon Garrets resuscitation I recuse myself from the interrogation/torturing of the lieutenant advising our zealous lot i will simply utilize mind control once i have had a bit of rest… needless to say i awake to find our captives deceased, a bit disappointed but i have come to realize someone simply must die in order to get a moment of peace around here.



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