The Shackled City

A Chilling Death 11-24-2012

A moment of Rest

So after a brief deliberation i request some time to meditate to regain some of my focus and hopefully come to understand these pillars a bit better. i seat myself at the back of the pillar chamber on a 5 foot walkway and notify Noctis to keep an eye on things, i bestow the ability to detect all hostile intentions on the both of us and proceed to sink into my mind.

After about an hour and half garret prods me. Annoyed i ask him what is it. He whispers there is a room that holds a library that explains how to use everything in this place. I am immediately suspiscious. i motion him to silence and point at my temply then to his and open a mindlink between us (others are trying to rest as well no need to disturb them i only need 4 hours most need 8) i ask him what is going on and he explains he was scouting the place out and uncovered alibrary which can explain how to use the pillars. i remove Noctis from his hiding place in my masters skull cavity and send him flying in the room. I ask garret to show him to the library so he can beginning to investigate while i proceed with my meditation. Noctis reports the room is full of bodies with runes etched over them, and that they are indeed a library established by the spell weavers. i instruct him to learn what he can while i meditate so he can point me to the correct areas by the time i am ready.

Another hour passes and Argyle and Victor are arguing about destroying the Soul pillars. This is getting frustrating. I intercede arguing that destroying every scrap of information we come into contact with is not going to lead us to our enemies and that we cant be certain the souls trapped in these pillars aren’t infernal souls to begin with. Fen has utilized legend lore on the pillars in equal frustration at the distractions while trying to rest and has uncovered how to interact with them a bit. they are artifacts of incredible power. I insist i must rest and the party decides to move on to investigate the place some more. i try and contact Noctis to no avail. I proceed to the library room and find it closed. I summon an astral construct to open the door and he is unable to. i reach for the door and am overwhelmed with enervating forces crippling me even further. Noctis drops to the floor growing spindly legs and runs over to me. i stumble back to the soul pillar room and reactivate my detection.. my power is almost spent if i dont meditate soon i suspect i wont be long for this world.

fifteen minutes after i enter meditation i am alerted to hostile intentent my eyes snap open meeting those of a human arcanist i force my mind at his wrestlingfor control but his will is too strong with a smile he calls for a circle of enervating doom that the last of my reserves are unable to resist, my head slumps forward, i finally get a few moments peace in this place.

I awaken to Victor standing over me. It appears he has expended some expense to return me to my flesh. After updating me to what transpired it seems the parties explorations uncovered a draco-lich of some power and that our comrade garret was under the influence of the arcanist that slew me. Argyle also met his fate at the hands of garret and Fen and Victor narrowly escaped with their lives leaving the place to revive myself and Argyle. We rest for a bit and recover our strength and return to Karran-Kural. we uncover the Arcanist documents and it is a treasure trove of documents pertaining to working the Soul Pillars. Fen and I both engage the pillars to find answer to our questions but Fen suffers horrific mental effects. I inspect his mind for permenant damages but find none. It appears he will improve with time alone. I have thousands of pages to read i set Noctis to filling them chronologically memorizing relevant notes and references as i decide it is time to bring in Herodotus. His abilities in sagecraft coupled with the rennovations needed at Karran-Kural will be needed. I also believe having some of the order relocate to Karran-Kural and setting up a teleportation Circle between the two will aid us in the up-coming settling of scores with the Orcish encampment. I have opened up to the Brotherhood a bit revealing some of my abilities to adjust ones mind to better suit their needs and focus. I offer my services and repay my debts.

So much to do….



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